how we do it ?

Golden Outreach implements creative and innovative ideas to make our vision- "Bettering work culture; increasing happiness "- a reality. We have experienced professionals on our team who assess our registered candidates and provide feedback , which will help our candidates to choose and work for their dream career. We help our candidate's professional dream come true by introducing them to the perfect employment opportunities that coincide with their area of interest, potential, and capabilities.


Golden Outreach makes it our priority to make our employers feel at home. We provide a screening panel consisting of phenomenal professionals who has 8+ years of experience in their industry to assess the candidates to meet your requirement as well as the candidates. We will be assisting you through the recruitment until you find the "man for the job". Furthermore, we will be in close contact with them so as to help them perform up to their potential and enhance their skills with online courses and workshops. We will ensure the employee you have found will perform well above your expectations and support them even after employment to make sure both of you are happy with your choices.

why we do it ?

We understand the fact that each individual is unique in their potential, talent, and interest; and with proper guidance, they can be molded into an asset in any professional environment. Unfortunately, there prevails a high rate of unemployment along with unsatisfied employment that exists due to the lack of guidance properly and supports to find and explore the sector or industry that suits their interest, potential, and capabilities. This, in turn, leads to a situation where people get employed with a job that does not suit them, which results in low productivity, unsatisfied employees and unemployment.

The employer-employee relationship is essential to create a happy and nurturing environment for the employee and high productivity for the employer. We work closely with our employers and candidates to create the ideal atmosphere that helps both the employer and employee to work effectively together.

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Who We Are ?

Golden Outreach is a family of amazing professionals who have seen and identified the extremely disturbing relationship between employment and happiness among the society and its people. This can be due to the lack of employment, employment at the wrong place, unfairness at work, lack of resources to enhance one's potential and so on. Golden Outreach was our way of providing a solution. We set out to change the work culture and we've built a family along the way, with each of you as a member.

Our vision is a future of nurturing work culture that promotes individual growth and provides importance to everyone. This will lead to better relationships at work and the overall growth of the company; giving way to a future work culture of happy employers and employees. Our vision is- "Bettering work culture; increasing happiness".


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